Create powerful models in your browser

d-label is a text labelling and extraction platform that improves your speed to market and improves your dataset quality

3 Simple Steps

Machine learning and AI requires the use of large sets of data
  • Import a text classifier, or use your own
  • Amend or add annotations with our semi-automated labelling feature
  • Export labelled datasets

Works Where You Do

Easily scale your AI initiatives with human-annotated data collection
  • Improve Academic Research

    Categorise the major people, organisations, and places, enabling automated content discovery rather than manual review.
  • Power recommendations

    Extract words from a news article and build a model which recommends other articles.
  • Sentiment Analysis Training

    Train sentiment analysis algorithms by gathering and categorizing brand sentiment from consumers.

Supercharge Your Dataset Collection

Visualise and evaluate the performance of GCP, AWS, Azure, or your own text APIs in-browser.
  • Developer

    Freelancer, indie developer, hobbyist
    • Chrome extension
    • GCP entity analysis API
    • CSV export
    • Annotate text
  • Company

    Startup, data science team, enterprise
    • Web application
    • Any cloud API
    • Data lifecycle integration
    • Annotate text, audio, image


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